Wild Khao Sok trips
Khao sok raft house

The wild Khao Sok is our most amazing trip. Khao Sok was first visited over a decade ago and between now and then, Khao Sok has kept its own character very well. Khao Sok is covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, huge limestone mountains shooting straight up in the air, deep valleys, breathtaking lakes, exciting caves, wild animals including tiger and elephants and much more.


We will stay overnight in the floating raft house, which is located on the very far of the beautiful Chew Lan dam. The local people who live in this area have a passion about their home land and have done a wonderful job in preserving and protecting the area for future generations.

The nature surrounding our accommodation creates a tranquil atmosphere. In the morning, when dawn is breaking, huge flocks of birds start leaving their nest for feeding and other big and small mammals will return to the rain forest after a night busy with hunting for food. There is a good chance of seeing gibbons swinging by to say hello!!

We will travel by local longtail boat to explore the area and will return to the raft house in the late afternoon or early evening. Plenty of small canals and limestone cliffs invite for exploration. Water in the dam is very calm almost all year round which makes it an easy kayak experience for beginners or children. If you like a variety of things to see and to do then Khao Sok   is the best choice for you. We offer a 3 day experience and a 6 day expert kayaking experience for this destination.  

For the 6 day trip we have included some trekking in the program. Discovering the caves in the area on foot or by kayak guarantees that you will experience an unforgettable time in the National Park of Khao Sok.

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Wild Khao Sok itinerary
Day 1
1:00 pm Hotel pick up
2:30 pm Stop for afternoon tea

3:30 pm.

Arrival at the lake. Transfer by boat to the floating raft house
5:00 pm. Check in at the raft house. Basic kayak instructions. Paddle around the raft house until the sunlight is gone
7:30 pm. Dinner and a short briefing for the next day
Day 2
6:45 am. Morning excercise
7:30 am Breakfast
8:15 am Depart from the raft house and kayak around the limestone cliffs. Enjoy the scenery
12:00 pm Picnic lunch on the river bank
1:00 pm. Kayak throughn a long and winding canal. Great opportunity to spot many different types of wild life
3:00 pm. Stop for some afternoon refreshment
4:00 pm. Continue kayaking and exploring the area before returning to the raft house
6:00 pm Spend your time kayaking into the sunset or just relax by the raft house and read
7:30 pm. Dinner and information for the next day
Day 3
5:00 am The dawn kayaking experience with opportunity to witness the wild life returning home from nocturnal activities. We might be able to see some dears or wild pigs real close
7:00 am Return back to the raft house and get ready for breakfast. Take your luggage with you on the remaining trip
8:30 am. Depart from the raft house for the kayak destination
12:00 pm Picnic lunch on the boat or on the river bank
1:00 pm More kayaking and plenty of time for a refreshing swim before we head back.
4:00 pm Depart from the dam and transfer back to hotel/airport

Please note : Information contained in this document is flexible and Rock ‘N’ Row Thailand reserves the right to change the trip itinerary without prior notice. Information is provided to give an idea of the type of trip that is offered. Times and locations will often vary according to weather and tide conditions. Our kayak leaders will decide the most suitable destination on a specific day.

Our first priority is to give our guest the best possible experience within the time frame of the trip. We can run this trip with a minimum of 2 guests.

Wild Khao Sok trips
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