6 day eco discovery trip : the southern lost trail
Talowao Tarutao
The journey will start in Phuket by road towards Krabi, where we kayak through the Mangrove swamp and visit some sea caves and a dry cave.  We stay overnight in the Khao Bang Pra Kram National Park, where you can hike through the rain forest. The next day we drive south toward Trang where we stop at a beach that has not been touched by mass tourism. We will explore a remote mangrove jungle where some endangered species have found their last refugee.

Our journey will continue to Phatalung to visit the Talay Noi bird sanctuary which is inhabited by a large group of endangered birds.  A kayak ride in the lotus lake will give you the feeling of floating through an ocean of flowers.

Our discovery trip will end in the province Satul at the legendary lost island of Tarutao, the high light of the trip.  2 days are reserved for exploration of the island.  Limestone formations and huge granite boulders form a dramatic environment. Beaches are plenty and you probably will easily find one for you only. We will discover the inland by kayak and you have the opportunity to visit the legendary crocodile cave.

Even though Tarutao let in the reality Survivor TV cameras in 2002, the park keepers have successfully held the private resort developers at bay, and only a few in-roads have been carved. Ecotourism will provide a solution to protect the environment, and Koh Tarutao is one place where we participate to put it into practice.

Transportation back to Phuket by air conditioned bus. Special return requests can be arranged.
The southern lost trail itinery
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Songpheak Rafting
Manora waterfall
8:00 Hotel pick up. Meet your guide and the driver from Rock ‘N’ Row Thailand
9:30 Arrival at the Manora waterfall. We will hike along the river to explore the beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding area. Some refreshments will be handed out after the walk
11:00 Depart for Bann Songpheak, which means the village where two rivers meet.

Enjoy the scenic landscape of Khao Pranang Panturat as we drive to our lunch destination. You will have the opportunity to observe some of the beautiful local    flowers and vegetation that Thai people love planting around their houses

12:00 Lunch at the restaurant by the rapid flowing river

White water rafting


Time for some refreshments and cooling down after an adventurous boat ride before departing for the next village

16:30 Check in at the Bungalow and get ready for kayak introduction

Start kayaking into the sunset on the canal; visit a local fish farm and some of the caves, where paintings of ancient cave men can be found

19:30 Dinner
20:30 Quick briefing about next day’s program 
Kayaking at Bor Tor
Tiger Cave Temple
7:00 Morning exercise

Breakfast at the bungalow

8:30 Kayaking in the canal towards the beginning of the river. We will pass several caves and if we are lucky we might see some otters here

Arrive back at the bungalow to pack up gear and depart for our next destination


Stop in Krabi town for Lunch

13:00 Arrive at Tiger Cave Temple to visit the monastery on the top of the mountain. This view point provides a 360 degree view of Krabi town
15:00 Refreshment before hitting the road again
16:30 Arrival at the Emerald village, check in at the resort and head out to the hot spring waterfall.
17:15 Enjoy your own natural Jacuzzi at the hot spring waterfall

Dinner at the resort

20:00 Time to relax and to listen to the nature around the resort
Gurney's Pitta Birds, nature trail
Chao mai National Park

Morning exercise

7:30 Breakfast and a quick introduction of the nature trail map. Have a peak through the bird guide book to prepare yourself for today’s bird watching

We will start our walk from the resort into a mixed jungle. Pay attention to the surrounding and see if you can spot the very famous Gurney's Pitta Birds, which are an endangered species. Here is one of the last places to observe them.

11:30 Return to the resort and pack up before lunch
12:30 Depart from the resort to Chao mai National Park

Arrive at the Chao Nai National Park, check in the bungalow resort close to the beach. Kayak expedition on the Chao Mai canal to visit sea caves where the endangered Dugong can be observed.

18:00 Sunset kayak trip back to the resort

Dinner at the resort


Free time to relax or walk on the beach under the moon light to admire the stars.

Jet Cot Cave
Local Breakfast

Take a stroll along the beautiful beach of Chao Mai National Park as the morning   exercise


Breakfast at the bungalow


Pack up and continue by road to Seven Bends cave in the National Park of Satun Province


Arrival at the park. Opportunity for some refreshments before we start kayaking from the top of the river and drift down to the cave. Inside the caves beautiful gigantic stalactite and stalagmites can be observed. These caves are alive with different types of animals.

12:30 Lunch in the village of Seven Bends cave
13:30 Take a refreshing dip in the waterfall near by, where the water is cold all year round

Departing by road to the harbor of  Pak Pra Ra

15:30 Check in the bungalow by the beach

Kayak through the canal of Pak Ba Ra and across the channel to Koh Khao Yai, where the marine research section is located. Visit the floating marine farm. We continue kayaking to a nearby beautiful rock garden before crossing the channel back at sunset.

19:30 Dinner at the bungalow
20:30 Free time
Tarutao Island
Roti Janai

Breakfast in the local village. Try the famous Roti Janai which all local people love for breakfast

7:45 Pack up and get ready for the 8:00 boat to Tarutao Island.
8:00 Boat transfer to Tarutao Island

Arrival at Tarutao Island, check in the Bungalow resort


A local long tail boat to will bring us to the crocodile canal where we start kayaking into the system of caves. The caves are quite dark and long, but a lot of interesting things can be observed. Each cave has a different mix of vegetation, which shows the differences in each eco system. The cave system starts in the mangrove swamp and ends in Nippa Palm jungle.

12:30 Picnic at the river bank. Find out how the cave acquired its name

Continue kayaking to the end of the canal and see the origin of this water way. You will be amazed to find out that the water at the beginning of the canal is really fresh and clear.


Return to the bungalow for some refreshment and relaxation


Take a short hike to the top of the Loh Tamah mountain to see the sunset

19:30 Dinner at the National Park restaurant
Crocodile cave Tarutao island
Pakpara Pier
7:00 Walk down the beach for morning exercise
7:30 Breakfast at the Restaurant

Explore the island by long tail boat. We kayak off the long tail to explore areas of interest.  Tarutao island consist of a large area and two days are very short to see all of the beauty this island has to offer. Therefore we need a long tail boat to visit   as many places as possible.

12:30 Lunch time  -  picnic at the beach

Time for swimming or just relax

14:30 Opportunity to explore the surroundings

Heading back to the Bungalow, pack up and get ready for the last boat back to mainland


Boat transfer to Pak Ba Ra habour

17:45 Arrive back at the pier and head to the Airport or bus terminal
19:00 Dinner in the local village

VIP bus tranfer back to Phuket.


Arrival at Phuket bus terminal. Rock N Row will pick you up and transfer you back to your hotel.


Remark:  Information contained in this document is flexible and Rock N Row Thailand reserves the right to change the trip itinerary without prior notice. Information is offered to give an idea of the type of trip that is offered. Times and locations will often vary according to weather and the decisions of our kayak leader will be based on what is most suitable for our guests. Our first priority is to give our guest the best possible experience within the time frame of the trip. Due to the distances from the final destination of our trip back to Phuket, Rock N Row decided to use first class public bus transportation at a reasonable price. If a different type of transportation is preferred we can arrange this in accordance with your wishes.  We will run this trip with a minimum of 4 guests and maximum of 8.  Please book your trip in advance. 

6 day eco discovery trip : the southern lost trail
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