Road trip adventure

Road trip adventure: Hiking in the jungle, relaxing on the beach and swimming in the waterfall!
We recently took a trip down south and revisited some of the beautiful natural parks which contain many different waterfalls. We hiked through mountain jungles, got into a battle with leeches and enjoyed watching the local life style which is so different from life in the busy metropolises of South East Asia.


We visited the monkey cave, a cave temple in the jungle and had lunch in a small local town with not many tourists around. Afterwards we drove to the beautiful Manora pool, which means human bird pool. The area of the waterfall consists of several layers of water, cascading through pristine jungle. We hiked along the waterfall to the spring of the waterfall inside a cave, where numerous bats are living. We continued the two hour hike of 8 km on a nice easy walking trail while admiring the scenery of young growing rain forest. The forest is very dense and encloses a mixture of local fruit variations. On the way along we learned about some insects and small animals living in the area. Crossing a few log bridges we reached the end of the trail by a gigantic tree at the entrance of another cave.

back on the same trail to the highest pool of the waterfall we stopped at the stream and had a refreshing swim in the ice cold water. After some refreshments we hit the road again to drive to Krabi. The road is winding through the beautiful limestone mountains of Krabi with breathtaking views of unspoiled nature. We stayed overnight in a bungalow resort close to the beach and enjoyed local food for dinner. On the next morning we started early to the Tiger cave temple, which is located on top of a high cliff. We had the choice of a hike through the jungle but preferred to climb up the 1237 steps to the top of the cliff to enjoy the panoramic view and admire the Buddha. By the time we came down to the bottom of the cliff we were exhausted and starving. After an hour drive we arrived at the hot spring waterfall with natural hot water and enjoyed lunch before we relaxed in the natural Jacuzzi of the hot pool. After an hour in the soothing hot water we were ready to check into a hidden resort in the heart of the jungle. We stayed over night, enjoying the local cuisine cooked fresh in front of our eyes.

On the next morning we woke up early for a short walk to the clear, jade green Emerald pool where many tourists will gather later in the day, but arriving early we had the pool all to ourselves. We walked to the spring of the water, which originates from cracks in the Earth and bubbles to the surface heated by magna deep down in the Earth’s crust.  The natural flora of the surrounding is different from any other rainforest and it is beautiful in its variety. After swimming in the Emerald pool for more than an hour other tourists started to arrive and we returned to the resort. Having a quick shower we checked out to continue our journey but not before returning to the local restaurant for lunch remembering the good taste of the food from the night before. After a long drive through the mountains enjoying the view we arrived at the bird sanctuary in Pattalung province. We drove around the lake which provides plenty of views of the marsh land, which is home to thousand of migrating birds. We saw local farmers herding water buffalos over the road, fisher men fishing off shore and out on the lake, lotus flower ponds and peaceful village life undisturbed by tourism. Overnight we stayed in the heart of Hat Yai, the second largest city in South Thailand. We explored the city at night and got a good nights rest in one of the nice hotels in the center of Hat Yai. After a Chinese breakfast with dumplings and dim sum we continued the journey to Thon Chan Natural park, which means elephant tusk waterfall. The waterfall cascades down over several stages and the climb to the top is challenging but rewarding by beautiful panoramic views. After we got defeated by leeches, who tried to crawl in our open sandals before reaching the highest  7th waterfall, we returned to the bottom and enjoyed swimming in the refreshing water of the fall. The journey continued, having food on the way before we arrived at the deserted town of Chao Mang in Trang, which can be very busy in high season. We walked around the beach and enjoyed the view of Lanta island and some smaller limestone cliffs. We wished we would have some extra time to visit the islands, but we visited some more unspoiled beaches near Chan Mang National Park. Walking over the sandy beach you could hear the sand crashing like in unspoiled fresh fallen snow. We had dinner in a local restaurant on the pier and while eating could hear the fishes jumping out of the water, a proof that the water is still alive with fish. We could have spent three days easily exploring the canals and surrounding island but we had to return to Phuket. From this adventure which we thoroughly enjoyed we created a new trip which will mainly involve hiking, swimming in waterfalls, battling in the jungle with leeches, relaxing on the beach and visiting some islands in Trang. Most important: all these activities are away from the usual tourist spots and we were able to see the original life in South Thailand. Duration of the tour will be 5 days or more.  Longer trips will give you more opportunity to experience different things and time of relaxation.

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Sample itineray, which can be customized to suit your needs.
Day 1

Phang Nga Province

Pick up from air port or hotel, no time restriction

Journey to Phang Nga, spend most of the day in Phang Nga province.
Visit the temples and caves, feed some monkeys. After lunch visit Manora Pool Waterfall. For more extreme adventures there will be the option of white water rafting. Drive to Krabi for overnight stay.

Day 2

Leave accommodation early , drive to Tiger cave  temple, spend couple of hours hiking in the jungle and climb 1237 steps before lunch at the hot spring waterfall. Relax in the waterfall, check in the resort.

Day 3

Drive out to Chang Mang in Trang, which is a local village, take out the long tail boat, visit some islands offshore Chang Mang National Park and spend all day on the boat exploring the area. Check in a resort by the beach.

Day 4

Early morning drive to the waterfall. Spend all day on different waterfalls on the way to Satun. Most of the waterfalls are high and wild and very different from each other. Overnight stay in Satun

Day 5

Two option:

a) Take the boat to Tarutao Island (October – May)
b) Drive to the bird sanctuary

In Tarutao relax on the beach, take the island tour in long tail boat to snorkel and explore the Marine National Park of Tarutao island.
In the bird sanctuary take the boat around the lake and observe the different bird species.

There is plenty more to see and to visit: more waterfalls down south, wild rain forest, National Parks and islands beyond Tarutao. We recommend to reserve seven days for this trip. For five days we arrive back at around one o’clock in the morning. We can provide for an overnight accommodation for very reasonable price in either Phuket or Krabi.


Please note : Information contained in this document is flexible and Rock ‘N’ Row Thailand reserves the right to change the trip itinerary without prior notice. Information is provided to give an idea of the type of trip that is offered. Times and locations will often vary according to weather and tide conditions. Our kayak leaders will decide the most suitable destination on a specific day.

Our first priority is to give our guest the best possible experience within the time frame of the trip. We can run this trip with a minimum of 2 guests.

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