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Southern parts of Thailand have been visited by many tourists every year and the Bay of Phang Nga has been named as one of the most magical places to see.  The size of the Bay itself limits the opportunity for tourists to see all the beauty of Phang Nga Bay within a day. Rock ‘N’ Row therefore offers a 2 days getaway trip, a 3 days bay experience and a 3 day explorer experience to allow our guest to see and learn about all the different things the Bay of Phang Nga has to offer. We also design special women only weekend getaway trips, which can start at any day during the week. If you want to relax with your girl friends and chill out in a tropical paradise we will try to accommodate your wishes. For those who want to discover the major part of the southern province of Thailand we created a trip called the Southern Lost Trail which offers many different things for you to explore.

  Rock N Row Multi day trips.
2 days responsible eco - tourism trip.
3 Days Eco-Explorer Experience.
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