Road trip adventure: Hiking in the jungle, relaxing on the beach and swimming in the waterfall south of thailand
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Phuket is an amazing tropical island, surrounded by the clear blue Andaman Sea with fine white sandy beaches around the island. Phuket has one international airport, where most of the tourists arrive for their holiday.  The local bus terminal connects Phuket with all of Thailand and many budget travelers arrive by this choice of transportation.
Phuket has become one of the busiest tourist spots in Thailand. Travelers who seek the unique character of the old Phuket often fear that this kind of mass tourism will interfere with their individual travel arrangement.  Rock N Row Thailand are aware of this problem caused by mass tourism. It is our goal to show our customers that Phuket still has unspoiled nature to offer away from the busy tourist centers of Patong and Karon.  We offer our customers the opportunity to spend some quiet time in an unspoiled tranquil setting where nature is right at your doorstep.

Nanaphan offers rooms only with no breakfast, which will give you the opportunity to try a local breakfast place just around the corner.

Baan Krating Phuket
Baan Krating Phuket
Baan Krating Phuket is a boutique resort with private beaches, set in a tropical forest. The location of the resort is secluded, but peaceful;
it is not one of the typical Phuket resorts. Guests can share both a jungle
and a seaside beach resort experience during their stay. From a romantic honeymoon trip to a family winter vacation, Baan Krating Resort is truly one of Phuket’s hidden treasures

Yanui Beach Bungalow

A quiet and stress free place with bungalows two minutes walk from the beach.

For those who do not want anything else apart from sand, sea and sun Yanui Beach Bungalow would be the right choice.

To explore the amazing province of Krabi you probably would need a whole month to see all the spectacular attractions from stunning waterfalls to beautiful coral reefs. We have arranged for some different accommodations while you travel through the area.
Morakot Resort
Morakot Resort
This friendly family run resort in the heart of a jungle village is located five minutes from the National Park. The bungalows are clean with excellent service.

The resort manager is a birding expert and can give our customers many tips and insight on bird watching.

Koh Yao Noi
Koh Yao Noi is an island in the Bay of Phang-Nga surrounded by 49 other islands. The main occupation of the locals is fishing for both local consumption and for sale to the markets on the mainland. Yao Noi Island has many natural resources on the land and in the sea, such as coral reefs, sea-grass beds, mangroves and beautiful beaches.

The way of life is traditional, especially fishing, which uses traps, stationary gill nets, and hook & line.


Koh Yao Chukit Resort

Koh Yao Chukit Resort.

Located on the Pasai beach, in quiet landscaped surroundings but just a 5 minutes stroll from the pier in Koh Yao Chukit Dachanan Resort. The same pier of arrival marks the start of Koh Yao Noi, through which you can explore this fascinating island. The resort's ambience is further enhanced by a natural landscape and stunning views of the Koh Yao Noi cliffs and beach. The beach front restaurant with views of the beach and sun up are exquisite.
Room facility :
  • Air-condition
  • Refrigerator
  • Electric shower
  • All room with private balcony
Island Nature Lodge Koh Yao Noi
Island Nature Lodge Koh Yao Noi

Island Nature Lodge -
is a new opened bungalow village combined nature and adventure center. Located on the Unique and beautiful island-Koh Yao Noi,every morning you will see many birds around Island Nature Lodge.
kohyao homestay
Home stay group
Our customers will have the unique opportunity to stay with local fishermen families in their house. Watch the daily activities that have not changed much in time and get a real insight in local life style including dining with your guest family.

Learn how easy it can be to satisfy ones basic needs in life. Please be aware that all families are Muslim and no alcohol is allowed in their homes.

Tabaek ViewPoint Bungalow
Tabeak View Point Bungalow
This is one of those rare places where the name “view point” actually delivers what it promises.

The resort is high up on a steep hill and a 1800 view overlook the east side of the island. You will be able to admire the beauty of the sunrise from your own balcony.

Khao Sok
Khao sok tree top

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is an astounding place. It is covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world,

huge limestone mountains shooting straight up in the air, deep valleys, breathtaking lakes, exciting caves, wild animals and much more.

floating raft house
Chieow Laan Lake Floating Rafthouse

The houses are floating on the water next to a hill where the jungle is just behind your bungalow. You cannot get any closer to the nature than this. This unique accommodation provides an excellent setting for relaxation while enjoying the beautiful scenery around your little bungalow.

Chao Mai Beach National Park (Trang)
The National Marine Park of Trang  covers the two districts of Kantang and Sikao. The park occupies as coastline of about 20 kilometers. The headquarters is at Chang Lang Beach in Tambon Mai Fat, approximately 47 kilometers from the city.

Sunti Bungalow
The old southern Thai’s style houses are built right by the beach and you only need to take a step out of your bungalow to be on the beach. The location offers a superb view of Kradan Island and other small islands beside it.
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