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Rock'N'Row has been founded by staff members of the Original Sea Canoe Thailand, who have been personally trained by the discoverer of the caves of Phang Nga, John Gray and Dave Williams.

It is our motto and intention to follow the example of Gray to protect and educate local people and visitors to the area about the importance of sustaining the ecosystem of this special area.

Mass tourism and exploitation of the Bay of Phang Nga has put a heavy strain on nature and if we do not stop the recent development another paradise might be lost for future generations.  Many kayaking trips are concerned more with increasing business than being passionate about preserving nature and educating people.

At Rock'N'Row we love kayaking, we love sharing with others the natural beauty of our homeland and we love to educate our guests on how this ecosystem can be protected through responsible tourism. Our company gives the opportunity of jobs for many local people and supports local businesses and trades.

We educate as we travel. Our company sign, a kayak orienting on a compass navigates the way of comfort and enjoyment. The words traveling for tomorrow is our motto: we are here to preserve for the generation after us. Our trips and camps are concerned to keep the eco system and natural environment intact. We do not disturb nature or any wildlife we encounter. What you observe on the trips will hopefully be there for your children and grandchildren to observe as well if we all work together in the effort to protect Earth.

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