Coastal Sunset Kayak
kayak at mid afternoon at Nai Han Beach

us show you why we are proud to live here in Phuket. We set out by kayak at mid afternoon spending some time rowing the kayak slowly through the ocean while studying the King fisher catching dinner or following a whole school of heron returning home.
Watching the sun disappearing at the horizon is a magical moment that you must experience to describe the feeling fully. The evening ends with a romantic dinner at the beach and after the meal you can walk under the starlight and admire the night sky if the weather permits!

Coastal Sunset Kayak Itinerary

14:00 -14:30 Hotel pick up
15:00 Arrival at the south of Phuket and kayaking introduction. Explore the coast line of Phuket before kayaking across the ocean to a remote island, where we will visit the Big Buddha on the island. Relax or snorkel around the coral reef by the island.

Cross the ocean back to Phuket enjoying it’s formation at the most southern point of Phuket. Stop and visit some beaches to swim or walk around exploring.


Kayak out into the ocean to see a beautiful sunset, if the weather permits. We will keep kayaking until the sun disappears in the water.

19:30 Dinner by the beach.

Tea and coffee is served while you can admire the night sky on the beach, if the weather permits.


Please note : Information contained in this document is flexible and Rock N Row Thailand reserves the right to change the trip itinerary without prior notice. Information is offered to give an idea of the type of trip that is offered. Times and locations will often vary according to weather and the decisions of our kayak leader depend on what is most suitable for our guests. This trip will run with a minimum of 4 guests. 

Coastal Sunset Kayak
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